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Finally, A Useful Website

Free Online Lifestyle-Management Application Launches gives users integrated tool set for managing their activities and relationships; communication, collaboration and planning.

San Francisco, CA (March 17, 1999) --

MyEvents today announced the launch of (, the first-ever-complete online lifestyle-management application. MyEvents gives users a collaborative, interactive environment for integrating and coordinating all aspects of their life: their activities, interests, and relationships.

In one central location, MyEvents’ users are given all the tools they need to manage their activities and schedules, as well as communicate and collaborate with individuals and groups of people. Users can do everything from share calendars, files and contact management information to assign tasks and instant message friends to build their own group home pages and auction sites–all from one location on their desktop.

"The goal of technology is to make things simpler, not more complex. Yet, for many people, technology has created information overload. There are a lot of utilitarian-type places on the web, a calendar here, a chat service there, yet no valuable total web-solutions," said Sean Connolly, founder of MyEvents. " provides users with a unique, central place on the web to marry their offline activities and relationships with the communication powers of the online world."

Collaboration and Communication with User-Created Communities

With, users have the power to create their own groups or communities. They can be based on anything from shared activities or interests, like a running club or volunteer group to shared involvement in planning or coordinating a single event such as a wedding or conference. Since people belong to many formal and informal groups, users can easily create as many communities, with as many members as they need.

Each group that is formed shares its own set of robust, integrated tools for organizing, sharing and communicating.

In addition to group tools, every user has a set of their own private tools. Because is made up of tightly integrated tools, users can view information in many different ways. They can see calendars, contact managers, files, etc. relevant to a particular group, or they have the power to see integrated information from all their communities in one place. "While every community or group may be important to its members, a person’s lifestyle is basically a sum of all their relationships, contacts and activities. We give users a way to see what is important to them in totality. No other company has recognized or served this need," said Connolly.

For example, a user may be a member of six disparate groups: a church organization, a dinner club, a group of Little League moms, etc. Each group has a separate calendar. This user is able to combine all these calendars into one master calendar for a total view of their private schedule.

"The more successful free Web based calendaring and scheduling services will accommodate the convergence of users' personal and business lives," said Mike Comiskey, Senior Research Analyst at International Data Corporation ( "MyEvents has realized the benefits of providing an integrated view of a user's life. In recognition of this need, MyEvents provides the ability to "rollup" and manage all types of activities on one calendar."

How does it Work? Features of

For example, Holly is planning a weekly hike and picnic for a group of friends. She creates an invitation list. All invitees receive an email requesting they join Holly’s Hiking Group. Each member accepts the invitation. After consulting her master calendar, Holly begins scheduling hikes on the group’s calendar. All members receive email notifications on updates and access to the calendar.

Numerous trail maps are posted to the group’s shared file area for discussion. Two members of the group chat online complaining about the length of the hike, while another member assigns beer and food duties. Holly logs on to on the morning on the hike, sees the reminder that she is responsible for bringing sandwiches and that rain is expected. She instant messages all members on-line and checks the group’s contact manager for cell phone numbers for members not on-line. The group decides to reschedule, and all members are notified of changes on the calendar. functionality consists of the following tools and features:

Individual and group calendars
Individual and group contact management
Individual and group file storage and photo albums
Individual and group to-do/task lists
Group bulletin boards
Group email lists
Private, group chat  
Instant messaging
Integrated content — news, finance, weather, horoscope, sports

About MyEvents

Founded in 1998 in San Francisco, provides integrated groupware and personal organizational tools to its partners and is a free online lifestyle management site for end users. offers users a private, easy-to-use web-based environment that provides an integrated set of tools enabling them to more efficiently manage their increasingly complex lifestyles. was named one of Forbes Magazine’s "Best of the Web" sites in Fall 1999. For more information, visit the MyEvents web site at

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